Both Authors,

Paul Druker and Yury Avrutin, were born in Moscow, in what was then the

indivisible U.S.S.R. They met in the first grade of a Moscow elementary school,

quickly striking a friendship which was to last a lifetime. After Mr. Avrutin

had left Russia for the U.S. and while Mr. Druker remained in Moscow, they

maintained their close friendship in spite of being separated by the Iron

Curtain for almost twenty years. Mr. Druker and Mr. Avrutin have collaborated

on several projects in Russia and the U.S. since the fall of the U.S.S.R.

During the work on The Comprehensive Russian Computer Dictionary, Mr. Druker

was responsible for the master database; Mr. Avrutin wrote its internet

counterpart. The Comprehensive Russian Computer Dictionary is the first

joint printed publication of Mr. Druker and Mr. Avrutin in the U.S.

Paul Druker has

been interested in computers and programming since early high school.

He began programming professionally in the seventies using a Russian programming

language for the Soviet Minsk-32 mainframe computer. To this day, it remains

the only coding experience in his native language, since shortly thereafter,

Soviet-designed computers had ceased to exist, being rapidly replaced

by U.S. technology, specifically by Russian-built clones of IBM 370 mainframes.

Mr. Druker, as most in his field at the time in Russia, found himself

learning American technical terminology and has been working in English

ever since.

During his professional

career, Mr. Druker programmed in more than a dozen of computer languages,

such as Assembler, Algol, Fortran, Cobol, PL/I, Pascal, C/C++, ObjectPAL,

PL/SQL and became highly knowledgeable in database design and implementation.

In the early nineties

in Moscow, Mr. Druker was freelancing as a technical translator and to

his astonishment he discovered no modern English-Russian computer dictionaries

on the Russian market. As a result, he and two of his colleagues decided

to compile and publish their own dictionary. The project was an unqualified

success, leading to two sold-out editions of 40,000 copies the IBM PC

User’s English-Russian Dictionary.

Mr. Druker graduated

from Moscow Institute of Electronic Machinery with a Master’s of Science

in Applied Mathematics and Moscow Railroad Institute with a Master’s of

Science in Electrical Engineering.

Mr. Druker is an

expert in database design, development and administration. He currently

holds a position of an Oracle DBA at Perot Systems Corp., in Reston, VA.

Previously, Mr. Druker designed and administered Oracle databases at IEEE

Computer Society headquarters in Washington, DC.

Paul Druker emigrated

with his family to the United States in 1993. Presently, Mr. Druker lives

in Northern Virginia, in the Washington suburbs with his wife, two teenage

sons, a dog and two cats. The Drukers enjoy travelling, bike riding, playing

ping pong, and surfing the Internet

Yury Avrutin began

his serious contact with digital computing hardware in mid-seventies by

hand-soldering an IMSAI-8080 and then moving onto a PDP-8 with 4k of torroidal

core memory. Over the years he has worked on diverse proprietary hardware

and machines running operating systems ranging from Unix, VAX, Interdata,

Honeywell to CP/M and, of course, the ubiquitous MS-DOS. He is well versed

in internetworking, high-order languages such as Perl, C, Ada, Fortran,

Pascal, PL/M, Atlas and a host of assembly and obscure machine languages

represented by PAL-8, Macro11, ATAC16, GI-66, SABR.

For the last fifteen

years Mr. Avrutin formed and headed companies specializing in international

marketing, multi-lingual technical translations and U.S. Government contracting.

Mr. Avrutin was in the forefront of entry into the Russian market by the

U.S. interests before and after the breakup of the Soviet Union, acting

as an advisor to the U.S. Government and U.S. corporations. Prior to founding

his own enterprises, Mr. Avrutin designed avionics for U.S. Fortune 100

companies, among them ITT, Honeywell, General Instrument, Westinghouse,

Grumman and Allied-Signal.

Mr. Avrutin is a

co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of Global Business Alliances, LLC,

an organization assisting commercial entities in the U.S. and Russia in

expanding their presence in the respective foreign markets. In addition,

Mr. Avrutin is a Joint Venture partner in Cyrillic Films and Cyrillic

Films Music, importers of Russian film and animation. Mr. Avrutin has

also served on the board of directors of Marathon Sports Group, Inc.,

producers of sports radio and TV talk shows.

Yury Avrutin emigrated

with his parents to the United States in 1974. He is an alumnus of the

City College of New York with a Bachelor’s of Science in Physics. Mr.

Avrutin is a teacher of Iaido, a Japanese art of swordsmanship, a competition

aerobatics pilot, holds an FAA commercial pilot’s license and an FCC advanced

amateur radio license. Mr. Avrutin is an author of five novels and numerous

short stories some of which he hopes to publish shortly. When not flying

his airplane between East and West Coasts, Mr. Avrutin writes prose in

New York City.